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Login error: 'User not authorized', 'Not assigned a role' or "The client is not authorized...'

What to do if your company is using corporate accounts to login to WorkEQ(single-sign-on) and you're seeing an authorization error message

If you are attempting to use your corporate account to login to WorkEQ and are seeing a message similar to:

  • "The signed in user '{your_username}' is not assigned to a role for the application"
  • "....you are not assigned this app"
  • "....you are not assigned a role with access to this app"
  • "Service is not configured for this user"
  • "the client is not authorized to perform this action"

then you will need to contact your company's IT Help Desk.  In these cases, your company/school is using it's own authentication provider to authorize WorkEQ access, and your company's IT admins need to grant your account access to the application.