How do I set my work schedule for the week?

WorkEQ offers hybrid work scheduling options. Use the following guide to set your schedule as either "In Office", "Remote", "Not Sure", or "Out".

  1. Log in to the WorkEQ app and into your preferred workspace. This brings you to the "For You" screen. Select "The Office" from the menu at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select "Update this week" from "The Office" tab.
  3. Answer the questions on the screen where prompted.
    1. Update your "Social Priority" status by letting your teammates know if you are in the mood to "Focus", "Collaborate", "Learn", or "Connect".
    2. Select what activities you are open to this week by choosing options from the "Open to Activities" area. You can be open to "Lunch", a "Career Chat", "Games", "Wellness", "Happy Hour", and "Social Events". You can select multiple activities from this menu.
  4. Set your schedule to communicate to your team when you will be in the office, working remotely, or if you are out of the office that week. You can also select "Not sure" if your schedule isn't set.
  5. Once set, press "Done". This lets others know what your priorities are for the week, how you're willing to engage, and where you'll be located while you are working.
  6. You can also see where your teammates will be, including other employees that you have marked as "Favorites". Press the calendar icon in the top right to view where other employees will be working this week.