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WorkEQ Launch Checklist

Recommended steps for rolling WorkEQ out to your users

  1. Attend your WorkEQ Kick Off Call
  2. Define your WorkEQ Launch Date
  3. Define your workspace code
  4. Define your login process SSO vs non-SSO
  5. Share your company logo with WorkEQ Team
  6. Identify your WorkEQ Feature Success Criteria 
  7. Identify WorkEQ roles and responsibilities. Within your organization, assign roles related to return-to-work and the WorkEQ rollout. 
  8. Identify Wellness, Connecting, Mentoring, and Crisis Comm Success Criteria Work with your WorkEQ Team to identify your wellness criteria and working arrangements. Import your People's Data from your HRIS System.
  9. Review and update WorkEQ welcome content. Review and update the WorkEQ welcome email template and overview template. Add any messaging or instructions specific to your organization, such as to whom users need to show their screening results.
  10. Review your WorkEQ workspace. Using the instructions provided by WorkEQ, install WorkEQ and log into your workspace.  Familiarize yourself with the screening process, the home screen, and the logbook.  If you have implemented a custom screener, make sure to validate that each possible screening path behaves as expected.
  11. Send welcome content to users. Send your welcome email out to users to invite them to WorkEQ. Save the Overview as a template and attach it to the email, to provide users with additional information.
  12. Review usage in the Command Center. Your admins with access to the Command Center should be reviewing it regularly (daily if possible!) to ensure users who are expected to have screened in have done so, and to review screening results, such as reports of a positive test.
  13. Establish a process for inviting new users. As new users join your organization ensure that they are given instructions to use WorkEQ (i.e. the welcome content) as part of their onboarding process.