What is in the Notification Hub?

Notification Hub Functionality


The Notification Hub serves as a comprehensive collection of all notifications that are sent from the Command Center to employees. This area includes content for compliance. You can view logs of notifications or send notifications directly from the Notification Hub.


Get logs of all notifications sent out of the system to employees. These notifications come from the Case Manager, vaccine validation, bulk notifications for vaccines and testing, and automated notifications. This includes content for compliance. The feature has date security with roles and groups.

Accessing the Notification Hub

  1. Access the sidebar, and scroll down to “Customize”. Notification Hub is one of the options seen here:

  2. Click “Notification Hub”. The Notification Hub appears in your dashboard. The most recent notifications appear in the main user interface. From here you can:

    1. Select the visible columns.

    2. Filter the results that appear.

    3. Export the results to a .CSV.


You can apply filters to the results that appear within the Notification Hub. To begin, click "Filters". Select:

  1. Variables
  2. "Equal to", "Not equal to", "Contains", "Starts with", "Ends with", or "Is empty"
  3. Fill in the blank (if applicable)
  4. Save to run the filter, or add another "AND" or "OR" string.
  5. Results appear in the main user interface.

Export Results

You can export your results in a .CSV and save the results locally. To begin, press "Export CSV".

  1. You can export all data or just the filtered data.
  2. The file is exported and saved to your default download folder.