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How to set up Kiosk Mode in WorkEQ

A guide to setting up WorkEQ to use on a tablet/laptop at an entry point where multiple users will be logging in to perform screening.

Kiosk Hardware:  
  • Any computing device that is capable of running a web browser
    • NOTE: Older devices may experience slower browser performance
  • Tablets are usually preferred since the WorkEQ App is based on a touch interface, as well as the fact that the tablet is easier to sanitize between uses since there is less surface being touched by each user

Internet Browser:

  • Standard web browsers that are updated regularly on the device 

Using the Kiosk:

  • Create a bookmark or favorite in the browser: http://kiosk.returnsafe.com/code/<workspace>
    Replace <workspace> with your WorkEQ Workspace code used when logging into the app
  • On most tablets you can create a shortcut on the home screen that will point right to your bookmark, making it easy to access when needed
  • When you access the link, it will take you directly to the login screen of your WorkEQ app
  • Users can login and complete the screening process one at a time
  • When each user is done, and shows their Pass, they can touch the logout button which will reset the app and return to the login screen
  • If the user does not touch logout, the screen will also timeout by itself and return to the login screen after 20 seconds of inactivity