How do I edit a users profile?

This article reviews how a command center admin can edit a users profile details

Command Center admins have the ability to edit a user's profile from within the organization section of the Command Center.

NOTE: This feature can only be used for non-SSO user properties. Any changes to properties coming from your SSO system will need to be updated in your SSO system itself, as the system of record.

To edit a user's profile go to the 'People' section of the Command Center.

Click on the three dots next to a user's name to update their profile within the 'People' section.

Select 'Edit Profile' to begin editing...

Any field that can be updated will be editable and any field not editable will be greyed out.

Select 'Save' to complete your updates. 

If you get an error when trying to save a profile update please ensure that the email and/or phone number you entered is not already in use by another user record.  If it is, you will need to change that record first, as each user record must have a unique email and login phone number.

Remember that any changes made will need to also be reflected in your future csv file imports, or your changes will be overwritten upon import of new data.