How do I validate a user's vaccination information?

If your users are uploading a photo of their vaccination card in addition to entering their vaccination data, designated admins can review and validate the vaccination data from the Command Center.

To validate users' vaccination data, navigate to the Vaccine Tracking tab in the Command Center:


Within the Vaccine Tracking report, you will see a Vaccine Validation column. 

  • The default status is ---, for any user who has not yet uploaded vaccine information.
  • The default status for a user who has uploaded or changed information that has yet to be validated is Pending

Click into any record to view the uploaded certificate and to set a validation status.

To quickly view any users who have uploaded a vaccine card and are not yet validated enter "---" in the search box on the upper right (which narrows down the data to anyone who has not yet been validated), and click on the Vaccine or Vaccination Certificate column to sort by it (which shows you those who have submitted vaccine information).