How do I review a user's test data?

If you require periodic (i.e. weekly) testing for your employees, here are some common best-practices for monitoring test results with in the Command Center.

The majority of WorkEQ admins choose to review test data via the 'Vaccine Tracking' Report in the Command Center because this allows them to see the most recent test date for any users that aren't fully vaccinated.

Within the 'Vaccine Tracking' report, you will see any test-related columns that have been configured to appear in the Vaccine Tracking report, commonly including:

  • NOTE: If you are asking users to upload test results and do not see these columns in your Vaccine Tracking report, please contact to assist further. They can configure your workspace so all test questions appear on both the 'Vaccine Tracking' and 'Check Ins' reports.

Use the Filters option to narrow down your results (by vaccination status, for example) to see only the population that you are required to test. 

You can sort by the date column to see who hasn't submitted a recent test result. 

You may also export these results via the Export CSV button to do further filtering or sorting in a spreadsheet if needed.

Additional Notes

  • The Vaccine Tracking report will show the most recently reported test, if any, for each user. If you need to see a specific user's testing history, you can do so from the Check-Ins report. 

    Select the relevant date range, search for the user, and expand the row with the + button to see all Check-Ins during the selected date range.
  • If you need to override a user's entry passed based on their test data, or lack thereof, please see the article here.