How do I override a users entry pass?

Designated admins have the ability to override a users entry pass within both the 'Vaccine Tracking' and 'Check-ins' tab located in the command center. This is commonly used in a scenario such as keeping a user out of office for a bad vaccine record.

To override a users' vaccination data, navigate to the 'Vaccine Tracking' tab OR 'Check-ins' tab in the Command Center.

Within either tab you would filter by the user name and click into their information.

Select 'Update' and 'Update Details' which gives you the ability to override their entry pass recommendation and the dates in which the override will be in effect. 

Click 'Save' to make the change. The user will see this on their entry pass the next time they go to checkin. 

You can clear the override following the same steps or selecting 'Clear Override'.