How do I create a group on the HR Command Center based on a particular user attribute?

This article describes the Groups feature of the HR Command Center

The WorkEQ Command Center is a dashboard with secure tools and insights to help administrators prevent and confidently manage infectious disease in the workplace. Under the 'Group Tab' users granted Super Admin access can create different Groups of people and assign them to multiple administrators.

The administrators can only view details of people that come under their group. Combining groups with role based access controls give you the ability and flexibility to restrict access to sensitive user data on WorkEQ in different ways.

Here is an example of how to create a group based on the location attribute of users and assign it to administrators in 3 simple steps.

Step 1:  After logging into the HR Command Center, click on the Group Tab. Select 'New Group' 

Step 2:  Name your new group and select the type as Default Group. We will name it LocationTexas.

Step 3:  Next, let's choose the location attribute and assign administrators who can view this group. We do this by clicking the plus (+) icon next to ADMINISTRATORS and ATTRIBUTES.

Attributes can be imported into WorkEQ via SSO Provider integration or CSV Import. For more details please contact

When the assigned administrators log in again they will only see records for people who work in Texas

Tip:  You can use attributes in multiple ways to filter based on your specific criteria:

  • Example 1:  Admins should only see people in the Accounting Department located in Chicago.  You would create one group with two attributes; Location: Chicago and Department: Accounting.  This will result in a view that shows only people that meet both of these criteria.
  • Example 2:  Admins need to see all people across multiple locations.  You would create a group for each location, each group will have a single attribute.  Group 1, Location: Chicago, Group 2, Location: Detroit.  Then you would assign the Admin to each of those groups.  This will result in a view that will show all the people in Chicago AND all the people in Detroit,