How do I find other employees with similar interests and priorities?

WorkEQ uses a proprietary algorithm to match you with other members of your team and company based upon your preferences, mood, and location.

To find others with similar interests to your own, you must set your own schedule and preferences prior to utilizing this functionality. Refer to the How do I set my work schedule for the week? article for additional information. Once you have set your priorities, refer to the directions below.

  1. Log in to your workspace and access the "For You" screen.
  2. Scroll down to "See if your interests match up with others this week". If you have selected multiple activities, they will be visible from this button.
  3. To see who is open for each activity, select a date, and press the corresponding icon.
  4. To connect with someone who has a similar interest, select their name or use the checkbox to "Select all". Then press "Compose Email". 
  5. Your default email client will appear with prefilled information including the person or people you want to connect with as well as a subject line that says how you are looking to engage.
  6. Send your message, and set up a time to socialize.