How do you create Custom Reports?

Create custom reports with specific filters that can be saved for future use.

You can easily access saved and updated filtered information by building out customized reports. Access Custom Reports under “Customize”. Click “New Report”, and give your report a name. Select your variables, and save the report. You can add columns to this report for additional information, export the data, or send bulk notifications.


You can add columns to this report for additional information, export the data, or send bulk notifications. Each report shows information either from the first report generated or last time the report was synced. Use “Actions” to sync a report and ensure updated data. This allows you to view real-time updates. Additionally, alternate logins (i.e., employees without a phone number, email address, SSO, etc.) now appear in custom reports.

Accessing Custom Reports

  1. Access the sidebar, and scroll down to “Customize”. Custom Reports is one of the options seen here:
  2. Click “Custom Reports”. Custom Reports appear in your dashboard. Any existing custom reports load, as well.
  3. Press “New Report” to create a new custom report. Name your report in the “Name” field, and press “Save”.
  4. Select variables from the options available, and press “Generate Report” to generate the report.
  5. Your report is generated, and you receive a status update once the report is ready for use.
  6. The “Last Sync Time” field shows the most recent sync in the database and shows when the data was last prepared.


If you’d like to run a report to see who is vaccinated at a specific location, you can create a report using different variables. For example, you can find out which of your employees at the Austin office are vaccinated. Use the following variables:

  1. Create a new report.
  2. Select “Location”, “Equals to”, and enter “Austin”. Then, select your “AND” variable options of “Vaccine”, “Equals to”, and “Yes”. Press “Generate Report”.
  3. The report appears on your “Custom Reports” dashboard. Click the “Austin Vaccinated” report once the status changes to “Ready”, and you can see who in the Austin location is vaccinated.

Sync a Report

If your report was created over a week ago and has not been updated, you may be working with old data. You need to sync your data to have real-time data available. Use the following steps to sync your data.

  1. Click your report on the Custom Reports dashboard.
  2. Press “Actions”, and select “Sync Report” from the dropdown menu.
  3. The report is synced once the “Status” shows “Ready” and the “Last Sync Time” is updated to the current date and time.