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Crisis Communication

Learn how to send an alert to your employees in the event of a crisis

Accessing Crisis Alerting

Command Center users who have access to Crisis Alerting (Super Admins, Admins, and Crisis Alerting roles) will see a Crisis Alerting menu item in the left-side Command Center menu.

If you do not see a Crisis Alerting menu item please contact your Customer Success Manager or our support team to have it enabled for your organization.

Composing an alert - Delivery Channels

Alerts can be sent through one or more channels: Email, Text Message, or App Notification. You must select at least one channel to send an alert.

  • Email - an email will be sent to selected users with a valid email address in the system. PLEASE NOTE: emails will come from "no-reply@WorkEQ.com" via sendgrid.net.  We recommend your IT team whitelist this address to ensure delivery.
  • Text Message - an SMS message will be sent to selected users with a valid mobile phone number in the system.
  • App Notification - a push notification will be sent to selected users who are signed into the WorkEQ native app on their mobile phones, with notifications enabled.

Disclaimer: Delivery cannot be guaranteed for users who have blocked emails, SMS or push notifications or emails/SMS messages that are caught in spam filters.

Composing an alert - Recipients

Carefully select which users should receive the alerts in the Recipients field.

Use the Select Columns button if you need to see additional properties for users. Use the Search and/or Filters options to narrow down the list of users to receive the alert.

For example, you may wish to filter the alert down to employees assigned to a certain Location.  You may wish to send an alert to all employees, but not visitors (using the AppUserType property).

You can select all the users in your filtered list with the check box in the header, or select individual users from the list one-by-one via the inline checkboxes.

Composing an alert - Alert Type

Optionally, you can choose from a variety of template alerts from the Alert Type field. Selecting a Alert Type will pre-populate the Subject and Body with a template message, which you can edit if you wish prior to sending.

Composing an alert - Email Subject/Text Message/App Notification

This is a critical field that will be the subject of any alert emails sent and will be the entirety of the message for text messages and app notifications.

Composing an alert - Email Body

This is where additional details will be sent in the body of email alerts. THIS TEXT WILL NOT BE INCLUDED IN TEXT MESSAGE OR APP NOTIFICATION ALERTS.

Sending an Alert or Saving a Draft

Once you've composed your alert you can either choose to send it now or save it as a draft.

To send a draft message, click the three dots and select Edit Message. From here you can review and send the draft.

Editing a draft and sending it will not delete the draft, so they can be reused.  You can delete drafts that you no longer want to keep via the Delete Message option.

Reviewing Sent Messages

You can review the status of Sent messages from the Sent tab.

Click on the View Details button to review the delivery status of messages by channel.