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Contact Tracing FAQs

Is manual tracing or tracing via a contact tracing app better?

The faster you notify people who may have been exposed to an infected person, the faster you contain an outbreak. When using a contact tracing app, the administrator will immediately receive the list of people potentially exposed who need to be isolate and seek medical advice. Contact tracing apps give organizations a head start with tracing as interactions are logged automatically every day. However, manual contact tracing can also play a role when the exposed population is large and assistance is needed to reach out to exposed individuals.

When do customers need Hybrid Contact Tracing?

In situations where smartphone use is not feasible, such as on a manufacturing floor or at a K-12 school, Bluetooth badges or wristbands provide tracking coverage and Bluetooth hubs collect this information and feed that to our platform automatically.


How does WorkEQ protect employee health data?

Data collected by WorkEQ is visible only through the Command Center. Only administrators designated by the WorkEQ customer will have access to the Command Center.

Is the data encrypted and is it shared with 3rd parties?

All data is encrypted and we do not share with third parties.

Does WorkEQ do manual or automated contact tracing?

Our platform automates discovering who on your team was exposed to an infected individual. However, those exposed employees will need to be contacted to be informed that they are at risk and need to be isolate and get tested. You can either manage this yourself or we can connect you with a partner who is able to handle contacting your employees in the event of a potential outbreak.

What are the benefits of hardware (Bluetooth Beacons) vs app-based contact tracing?

Beacon-based contact tracking provides a higher degree of preciseness when tracking movements throughout your facility. However, hardware needs to be installed to make this happen which makes the cost higher. It is a trade-off of precision coverage vs. cost.

Do you have rules for sharing test results internally, specifically, or anonymously?

When testing results are reported by the employee in the employee-facing app, the employee can then choose to share the results so contact tracing can take place. Unfortunately, this can’t be automated to be received anonymously as the contact tracing is attached to that person’s identifier. This is needed for tracing whom they have come into contact with.