How to use Case Manager within WorkEQ

Overview of how to create a new case and notify contacts using Case Manager.

How to manually create a new case in Case Manager:

  • Select the Case Manager tab on the left-hand side of the screen under Health & Safety
  • Click on Add a case located on the top right
  • Select the employee, which case status, their test date, and which recommendation override you would like to give to that employee. You may also select how long of an isolation period you would like this employee to have
  • Click Save

How to notify close contacts of a Positive case:

  • In case Manager, select the employee of the positive case by clicking their name
  • You may add any contacts that have not been prepopulated from the employee's logbook by clicking on Contacts and then clicking the + icon
  • From there select the employees that you know this person has had close contact with and select their contact level. 1 is direct contact and 2 is indirect contact
  • Once all contacts have been entered, from the Case, click on Notify
  • From here you may select who and how you want to notify.
  • Select “Case” to send a notification to just who the case is about.
  • Select “Contacts” to send a notification to all contacts tied to the case.
  • You may also choose how you want to send the notification. Push, SMS, Email, or all of the above.
  • Then all you need to do is enter in your Subject and Content. Review and then send.
  • Once a case is completed for tracking purposes you can mark the case as 'Cleared' by going to 'Update Status' selecting 'Cleared' and saving your changes.